LISA ZAJUR developed the Awaken the Spanish Within® Language and while learning to speak Spanish in an easy, fun, and practical way.

Using a whole brain approach to learning Spanish, Voice Tonality™ system of learning, has been proven to increase language comprehension and retention, and was developed by Lisa to accelerate the learning process.

She is an educator, holding a degree in education, specializing in communications, and curriculum design. Clients such as U.S. Coast Guard, Bank of America, Capital One, Bon Secours, and many others have connected with the growing Latino community through the energetic style of training offered in the Awaken the Spanish Within® courses. These unique training courses offer industry specific Spanish with cultural training on the Latino culture, and have received the Rising Star Award from the American Business Women’s Association.


MICHEL ZAJUR knows what was it is like for many hard-working immigrant men and women in the United States. Zajur immigrated to the United States from Mexico City with his family in the early 1960s when he was very young. He was taught the value of hard work as a youth by helping out in his family’s restaurant, La Siesta Mexican Restaurant. La Siesta was in business for over thirty years, eventually becoming an iconic Richmond eatery. In addition to catering, manufacturing, and distributing La Siesta’s personal line of salsa, La Siesta also created an education program for children.