Awaken the Spanish Within® for Kids

Awaken the Spanish Within® for Kids is a fun and engaging Spanish language and cultural program for children of all ages beginning at the preschool level through upper elementary. Children will remember Spanish words and phrases easily through Voice Tonality™ learning techniques that increase language retention.

Being bilingual is a benefit in an increasingly globalized world. Learning a second language has a positive effect on intellectual growth, enhances mental development, improves cognitive brain muscles, which makes you smarter! We have provided many ways for children to actively interact and engage on a bilingual path within this program.


Piñata Story

Piñata Story, is an interactive bilingual book, that transports its readers on a cultural journey, which highlights a story about the meaning of the piñata, while learning Spanish. Since 1987 the Zajur’s told this story about the piñata to over 100,000 students, and it became so popular they decided to write the Piñata Story book for children everywhere to enjoy!