Piñata Story – Children’s Book


The Piñata Story is an interactive bilingual book that transports its readers on a cultural journey, which highlights a story about the meaning of the piñata while teaching Spanish.  “Children learn by seeing and doing,” said Lisa, who also owns CasaMosaic Language Cultural Training Company.  “And The Piñata Story offers the combination of reading with interactive learning.”  Plan to interact and engage on a bilingual path within The Piñata Story through:Tips to Sounding Out Words in Spanish, a Bilingual Glossary, Making a Piñata, the Piñata Song,and the History of the Piñata. The Piñata Story offers the gift of language by sprinkling Spanish words that enrich the story onto its pages.“Being bilingual is a benefit in an increasingly globalized world.”, said Michel Zajur.  Lisa added, “Learning a second language has a positive effect on intellectual growth because it enhances mental development, improves cognitive brain muscles, and makes you smarter!”  Illustrated by Samira Murray, a talented artist and graphic designer from Mexico City, derived the illustrations from the rich and colorful Hispanic culture in Mexico, where she grew up surrounded by art, music, and love.  The Piñata Story is her first book.