Learning Approach


Learning to speak Spanish doesn’t have to be difficult. We have mapped out learning to speak Spanish in an easy format that gets you speaking right away. You will remember Spanish words and phrases better, faster and more easily than any other learning method!
You will leave the first class having the confidence to greet someone in Spanish, and hold a short conversation.


By creating a relaxed learning environment, we engage you with a comfortable method of learning to build confidence speaking Spanish through visual, auditory, and physical total response learning techniques. We use a whole brain approach to learning called Voice Tonality, that engages both sides of your brain, proven to increase language retention. These unique methods of learning have been proven to accelerate the learning process.


You will enjoy learning to speak Spanish through our unique interactive approach. We will get you up and moving to learn Spanish through speaking fluency activities, games, and role plays. We incorporate learning about the Hispanic culture into our classes to create a cultural experience that you will never forget.