Immersion Experience


Awaken the Spanish Within® Two Day Immersion Training is the best solution for anyone who doesn’t have time for weeks of classes! We create an atmosphere of being in Latin America for a fun immersion experience. Immerse yourself for two full days of interactive Spanish lessons, engaging speaking activities, and cultural diversity training on the Hispanic culture.

  • Increases language comprehension and retention through engaging speaking techniques & activities, and audio programs containing Voice Tonality™ patent-pending system of learning listened to outside of course instruction.
  • Engages participants with a fun, innovative, and comfortable method of learning.
  • Builds confidence and desire participants need to start speaking Spanish.
  • Includes cultural diversity training on the Hispanic culture to build relationships with Hispanic clients, co-workers, and outreach, creating a cultural bridge of understanding. Companies, organizations, and individuals can plan on heading to the next level of global competition after attending this immersion training.

Participants may continue their journey into the Hispanic culture and speaking Spanish after the training is complete through Conversational Spanish Classes at the Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Offices or through the Awaken the Spanish Within® MP3 audio programs set that goes along with the course manual, available for purchase as a self-study.

Our qualified teachers have been training participants in Spanish for their industries which include: Medical/Health, Education, Construction, Banking, Restaurant/Hospitality, Hotel, Law Enforcement, Legal, Real Estate, Emergency Management, and more.

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